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Make a vegan Christmas Snowman Cake (with a little help from Romy)

Christmas is coming, the smells of mince pies are wafting from Mummy Meagz’ kitchen, and we can almost hear the rustle of Santa’s sack of goodies as his elves get ready for 25th December. (Don’t worry, we’ve supplied him with plenty of Bursting Baubles, so vegan chocolate lovers are in no danger of missing out...
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Chuckie Egg Cheesecake

Why not get creative in the lead up to Easter and prepare something yummy using your favourite Easter treats? Ours would, of course, include a Chuckie Egg or two! Thanks to @vegan_emm on Instagram, we now have a simple and delicious Chuckie Egg cheesecake recipe. It’s easy to follow and perfect for sharing… or not,...
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