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Essential vegan books for every bookshelf

Calling all you book worms! Need help on your vegan journey? Have some questions you would like answering? Just love reading and learning? Look no further.

Tip 13: Fill your bookshelf

First of all, let’s start with the health side of things. If you are clueless about the health aspects of a vegan diet or sceptical about the damaging effects of meat and dairy, then let Dr Michael Greger tell you all about it in his wonderfully informative book How Not To Die. This is honestly a game-changer, this man knows his stuff! Another brilliant book is The China Study by Colin Campbell, which is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted – can’t argue with that then can you!

Okay, so now you know how it benefits you, let’s talk about other reasons we might go vegan. Why We Love Dogs, Eats Pigs, and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy is an informative book highlighting speciesm and the truth behind the animal agriculture industry. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is another insightful one, highlighting the many horrors of the industry and the effect it has on us as individuals, on our planet and in our communities.

So now you know why let’s look at how. Why not start with Veganuary’s How To Go Vegan book, a simple pocket guide with everything you need to take on a vegan lifestyle. Or try Bosh! How To Live Vegan for all the tips and tricks you need.

You are almost there! Now all you need is a few cookbooks and you will be on your way. Here are our top 7 vegan cookbooks:

  1. BOSH! – Jamie Oliver’s of the vegan world, the BOSH! boys have the best of the best recipes.
  2. Thug Kitchen – Food that should be naughty, but isn’t! This cookbook contains next level street food recipes.
  3. Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan – Fuss-free, everyday recipes.
  4. 15 Minute Vegan: On A Budget – Who said being vegan was expensive? Over 100 fast, easy and cheap recipes.
  5. Leon Fast Vegan – From the kitchen of the much loved Leon chain, this cookbook shows you how fast food can be healthy.
  6. Happy Vegan – Fearne Cotton shows you how to make the whole family happy with these easy recipes.
  7. Dirty Vegan – Matt Pritchard shows you how vegan food can be both ‘proper healthy’ and still ‘banging’.

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