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Are all of your products 100% vegan?

Yes, we are a passionate vegan company. All of our products are approved by the Vegan Society and the logo is displayed on the packaging.

Are all of your products Gluten-Free?


Do you have soya free options?

Unfortunately not, all of our products contain soya lecithin.

Do your products contain nuts?

All four of our Rocky Road bars are nut-free and made in a completely nut-free factory. The packaging still says may contain nuts, but we are in the process of removing this as it is no longer relevant.

Our Chuckie Eggs are also nut-free, however, they are made in a different factory and do have a may contain peanuts or tree nuts warning.

Can I buy your products through your website?


Is Mummy Meagz a real person?

Of course, she is – There’s only one Mummy Meagz!

I live outside the UK, can I buy your products?

You certainly can. Visit our store locator and online stockist pages to see where you can get your hands on them.

Which wholesalers have your products?

Suma, Queenswood, Tree of Life, The Health Store, Thyme Store, The Deli Shop.

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