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Find your vegan tribe

When you first decide to go vegan it can seem very lonely and daunting. You’ve likely just discovered the truth about the meat and dairy industry, or seen how devastating animal products are for your health and our planet, and when you try to talk to your friends and family not all of them will get it. Unfortunately we are trapped in ‘traditions’ and lies told to us through manipulative marketing.

But don’t let that sway you. Stand by your beliefs and you will find your tribe.

Tip 9: Don’t go at it alone!

Why not talk to your friends and family to see how they would feel about joining you on your journey? That way you can support each other. If they aren’t willing, then get online or down to your local vegan cafe and connect with like-minded individuals. Visit vegan festivals in your area and get yourself down to the next local vegan pot luck. Find your local animal sanctuary and volunteer. By doing any of these things you will be in a position to meet like-minded people and build new friendships.

Though, it might be worth remembering that as frustrating as it can be to have differing views and values to people you care about, it isn’t worth falling out with them over (unless they cross a line – we all have our boundaries). Having vegan friends helps us feel supported, understood and makes the world a little more bearable.

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