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Is it vegan?… There’s an app for that

There’s an app for everything now; editing photos, banking, fitness and changing your voice to that of your favourite celebrity.. you know, the normal every day things.

Tip 3: Apps have got your back.

Whether you’ve been a life long vegan, a newbie or don’t know how to start your journey these apps will help you all in your every day life. If in doubt – check your app!

Happy Cow

£3.59 (Android), £3.99 (Apple)

The app of all vegan apps! Your guide to finding vegan-friendly options and fully vegan restaurants nearby. You can read reviews from other users before deciding on a place to eat, and leave your own reviews if you wish too.



A fast and comprehensive list of vegan beers, wines and liquor. No more frantically googling each individual brand in the supermarket.

Happy Bunny


Lists all of the companies that are officially cruelty-free, and which of them are vegan. You can even scan product barcodes to find out if they’re cruelty-free and shop for them right in the app.

Forks Over Knives

£3.99 (Android), £4.99 (Apple)

Top-rated plant-based recipes, with more than 400 whole-food, plant-based dishes available.

Is It Vegan?


Packaged food can be tricky. This app allows you to either scan the barcode of an item, or manually search for it. Not only will the app tell you if it’s vegan, and if not it will tell you what the non-vegan ingredients are.

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen


Dr Greger knows his stuff, and now he is sharing his knowledge with the world. This app details the healthiest foods and how many servings of each we should try to check off every day.

Side note: Why not download a podcast app and listen to the many vegan podcasts out there. Some personal favourites are The Chickpeeps, VGeneration and The Plant-Based News Podcast. They are an easy way to educate yourself, keep up to date and have some relevant vegan entertainment.

What’s your favourite vegan app?

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