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Let’s make a gesture this Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day is almost upon us. Love is in the air and everything is pink and fluffy! It’s magical, it’s romantic, it’s… stressful! Just how do you find the perfect gift that puts your feelings into words!?

With the last call for next day delivery looming and the shops quickly running out of heart shaped gifts, how about we make a gesture instead?

Last minute shoppers do not fear… Mummy Meagz has got your back! With her top tips on how to pull off the best Valentine’s Day for your special someone.

  • Spend some quality time together! Cook a meal together. Play a board game. Go for a walk. Find a movie that begins with two people disliking each other and ends with them being madly in love – you know the ones I mean!
  • Set the scene! Light some candles. Run your loved one a bubble bath. Create a romantic playlist.
  • Write your loved one a note! Whether it’s a handwritten love letter, or cute post-it notes left around the house, in their packed lunch for work or in their car.
  • Do something fun! Go iceskating. Take a dancing class together. Create a scavenger hunt.

If you don’t have a special someone in your life, how about you treat yourself to a special something? Theres still time to order some of our pretty in pink original bars! (They will be shipped today, it’s just down to the busy demand of the Post Office if you receive them in time).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love, from the Mummy Meagz family! x

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