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Moo’ve over Cadbury’s!

We don’t know about you, but we like our cream eggs the cruelty free way!

Mummy Meagz didn’t see why people should miss out on an indulgent Easter treat just because of their ethical lifestyle choices, or allergies, so she started to produce the eggs 5 years ago for the vegan coffee shop she owns in Cottingham with her daughter, Blondes.

This year though, the press attention has been insane. We aren’t sure how it happened, but Mummy Meagz has gone viral, can you believe it!? From the kitchen in the village of Cottingham, to the Sky News, The Daily Mail, Daily Star, Huffington Post, The Scotsman, as well as local and national radio stations and probably many more by now!

We can’t lie.. the Mummy Meagz family is currently bouncing off the walls. We cannot thank you all enough for the support!

Have you got yours yet? If not, why not!?

Mummy Meagz Cream Eggs are twice the size of a Cadbury’s cream egg, and dare we say better?!

Until Easter fo us it’s eat, sleep, make eggs, repeat!


Are the Easter Bundles soya free? There is a soya free option available on our website, please make sure you select that option before you check out.

Do you sell the eggs individually? Unfortunately, we are unable to sell the Cream Eggs individually, due to the overwhelming demand. Unless anyone knows of a manufacturer that is willing to help us produce the eggs on a larger scale, please get in touch 😛

The Rocky Roads that come in the Easter Bundle are super indulgent, with no nuts or fruit. They are the perfect complimentary Easter treat with the eggs 🙂 

Do you ship to the US/Australia/Canada/Etc?Unfortunately the option to ship outside of the UK is not available at the moment. But please follow us on social media to keep updated, because if we find a manufacture then this could change at any moment!

Are the Cream Eggs available for wholesale?Again, until we have a manufacture to help meet the demand, they are not available for wholesale.

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