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Mummy Meagz Top Tips For Dealing With COVID-19 Blues

Self isolation and social distancing can sound daunting and boring. With almost everything closed, and a lot of people out of work/school, it is hard to think of ways to spend your days without putting yourself or others at risk.

Here at Mummy Meagz, we thought we would come up with some top tips on the best way to fill your days with happiness and productivity. Because whilst we are going through a dark and uncertain time, we can always find a little joy.

Our Top Tips:

Mummy Meagz’ Tips:

1 – Now that Spring has sprung, why not take advantage of working on/in your garden. Plant some trees, start a vegetable patch or simply grow some plants/flowers and then sit back and watch them grow.

2 – Create a list of the jobs to do around the house that you’ve always been meaning to get around to doing, and then get to work (or in this case, Tommy can get to work, haha!)

Tommy’s Tip:

Once you are through with the list of jobs around the house, why not write? Whether it’s a book, a poem, a journal, anything.

Willow’s Top Tips:

1 – Now is the perfect time to dig out them puzzle books you have stashed away in drawers or under your bed.

2 – Self isolation doesn’t mean staying in necessarily, and dogs still need walking. Whether it’s your own or a neighbours, why not take a dog for a lovely big walk or for a hike.

Dean’s Top Tip:

Without going crazy and panic buying all the ingredients, you could prepare a lovely meal for your loved ones to enjoy.

Aimee’s Top Tip:

Oldie but a goodie, nothing beats a Friends marathon. Thank you Netflix.

Amber’s Top Tip:

Read. Anything and everything. Whether it be a old favourite or something you wouldn’t normally pick up.

Sian’s Top Tip:

Dig out Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo or whatever board games you can find. Just try not to fight each other.

There is an abundance of things we could do, if we only think a little deeper and get creative.

Stay safe and keep washing those hands!

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