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Mummy Meagz @ VegFest UK 2019

What a weekend!

Vegfest UK is always an amazing experience with the best food to eat, inspiring people to meet and brilliant organisations to discover. This weekend’s event did not disappoint.

Mummy Meagz sat this one out and stayed at home with Bertie, but the rest of us were in particularly high spirits because we had also been nominated in the ‘Best Vegan Snack’ category for the VegFest UK Awards. The acknowledgement alone was an honour, so thank you VegFest UK for that and thank you to everyone who voted! 💚

Not only did we go with hundreds of Rocky Road bars, but we also took samples of our newest indulgent treat that will be available next year… can you guess from our stall what it is?

We couldn’t have judged how busy we were going to be, which is amazing! But unfortunately meant that there wasn’t much time free to have a look about. Willow did manage to have ice-cream from Dappa for lunch though, and what a treat it was.

Deciding to make the most of our time in London outside of the event (and by that, I mean making the most of all the vegan food in London) we went to an Earthling Ed talk at Cambridge University and walked away feeling inspired. How anyone tries to argue against him we will never know! After that, we felt it was only right to visit Unity Diner and indulge in some Piers Morgans Tears.

To all the people that came to see us and supported us at VegFest, thank you. You made it a weekend we will never forget. It was lovely to speak to so many like-minded people and be around surrounded by people who dedicate their time to animal liberation.

We can’t wait to see you next year!

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