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Rise in veganism leads to cult vegan creme eggs selling out nationwide

Mummy Meagz’ Chuckie Egg is 2020’s new vegan food craze, with one sold every 30 seconds The Chuckie Egg, an indulgent creme egg crafted by Mummy Meagz, is proving to be the vegan food craze of 2020 as stores nationwide sell out of this unique sweet treat. Sales information from the brand shows that a...
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Get set for Mother's Day with Mummy Meagz

Vegan treats for Mother’s Day

From looking after us when we are ill, to making food like no-one else does, we owe so much to our mums. At Mummy Meagz, we know this better than most, with Meagan being the culinary creator behind our delicious vegan Rocky Road bars and Chuckie Eggs. This is why, when Mothering Sunday rolls round...
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A Squeaky Bean pancake stack topped with Mummy Meagz vegan creme eggs

Vegans can now make crème egg pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, thanks to Mummy Meagz and Squeaky Bean®

We’ve teamed up with vegan food brand, Squeaky Bean®, to create a cracking new recipe for sweet-toothed vegans. The Chuckie Egg – the vegan crème egg flying off the shelves – tops an indulgent and deliciously sweet pancake stack from Squeaky Bean®, forming the perfect partnership. The recipe takes less than two minutes to make...
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Vegans are set to feel the love for Mummy Meagz’ pink Rocky Road bars this Valentine’s Day

For vegans looking to spoil their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, Rocky Road bars from cult plant-based chocolatier Mummy Meagz are now available from Holland & Barrett stores and online. The Original Rocky Road bars have a gooey Belgian chocolate centre, which nestles crunchy biscuit pieces. The bar is then carefully topped with fluffy pink...
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Follow Mummy Meagz on the road to chocolate heaven: Vegan Rocky Road bars now available at Holland & Barrett

Hot on the heels of their vegan crème egg launch this month, cult plant-based chocolatier, Mummy Meagz, has announced its vegan Rocky Road bars will be available in Holland & Barrett stores from today. Veganuary just got even tastier. Two indulgent flavours will be launching into Holland & Barrett: Original: A classic chocolate rocky road...
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Mummy Meagz hatches a Veganuary treat: Vegan crème eggs launching into Holland & Barrett nationwide

Cult vegan chocolate brand Mummy Meagz has crafted an indulgent delight – a vegan chocolate crème egg – to inspire those following a plant-based diet for January, and of course in time for Easter. The Chuckie Egg is the creamy chocolate treat that vegans have been waiting for, and will launch into Holland & Barrett...
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Cruelty-Free Beauty

Years ago walking into a store on the hunt for cruelty-free cosmetics or household products was such a chore, having to read all the labels or getting your phone out to Google each individual brand to read that they only go and test on poor little bunny rabbits. More often than not you would walk...
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Rescue is the best breed

Dogs are mans best friend, right? But how do you go about finding a companion animal in the most ethical way? Tip 14: Adopt don’t shop First of all, take the time to really think about having a companion animal in your life. Do you have the time to spend with the animal that it...
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Essential vegan books for every bookshelf

Calling all you book worms! Need help on your vegan journey? Have some questions you would like answering? Just love reading and learning? Look no further. Tip 13: Fill your bookshelf First of all, let’s start with the health side of things. If you are clueless about the health aspects of a vegan diet or...
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Vegan celebrities leading by example

What do Zac Efron, Joaquin Phoenix and Mayim Bialik have in common? No that’s not the beginning of a bad joke.. They’re all vegan. And what better way is there to keep up to date with all the top places to eat, find all the best vegan brands and be inspired than by following vegan...
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