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If you caught Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning (January 15th), then you would have seen that someone had given Piers Morgan a hamper full of vegan goodies, including a Mummy Meagz rocky road bar, after he vowed to go vegan for a week if they won at the NTA’s – I mean who would vote for the show anyways? With Piers as a host.. just the name itself ignites a deep dislike, burning away inside the vast majority of the public.

Back to the point, Piers went on to describe our rocky road as tasteless and raw. When in fact the only thing tasteless and raw is Piers himself. There are plenty of raw products on the market, but anyone who has tried Mummy Meagz rocky road bars (unlike Piers), knows that she works hard to give people an alternative option, the option to have an indulgent treat that’s free from various allergens.

Do we care about Piers Morgan’s slanderous opinions though? Absolutely not. In fact, we are grateful to Piers for promoting our independent, family run business live on national TV. You couldn’t pay for that kind of advertising! So thank you, your vendetta against vegans are helping vegan businesses everywhere thrive!

So, in light of this, we are offering you 50% off our mixed box of 5 gooey, chocolatey and crunchy rocky road bars, with the discount code: PIERSMORGAN.

Once you receive your order, please don’t forget to post pictures to your social media accounts with the hashtag #PIERSMORGANRAWANDTASTELESS and lets prove that he isn’t the controversial, funny man he believes himself to be.

Wouldn’t it be great if Piers Morgan did a live taste test for all these vegan products he puts down so much? We would love to see that happen, to see how many insults he could come up with before he admits defeat. Without the over exaggeration he had about Greggs vegan sausage roll of course, honestly he could have won an Oscar for that performance – talk about a snowflake!

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