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What is the positive impact of Veganuary?

Here at Mummy Meagz, we are proud to be a supporter business for Veganuary, as it is a charity very close to our hearts, with the same ethical values.

Veganuary is a UK charity that encourages people around the world to try vegan in January. They are dedicated to changing public attitudes and aim to reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals while inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan.

While Veganuary wants people to try a vegan lifestyle, Mummy Meagz wants to show those who choose a vegan lifestyle that their sweet tooth doesn’t need to suffer.

Free From doesn’t mean Fun Free.

But what is the positive impact of Veganuary? Does it even make a difference? 

Of course, it does.

Did you know that on average every person taking part in Veganuary saves;

  • 33,000 gallons of water
  • 900 square feet of forest
  • 600 pounds of CO2 gas
  • 1,200 pounds of grain
  • Seven animal lives

Which is a fantastic achievement for just one month! Especially when you take into consideration that 660 gallons of water are used to produce only one hamburger, that’s the equivalent to 2 months worth of showers!

So far this year, a whopping 165,000 people across 182 countries have taken the pledge to try a vegan lifestyle this January. That’s a 177% increase from 2017 when 59,500 people took the pledge.

That’s a massive win for the environment and the animals alike!

Over the past ten years, veganism has risen 360% in the UK alone. It’s clear to see that Veganuary has played an enormous part in this statistic. Especially over the last few years as supermarkets, chain restaurants and small businesses have embraced veganism by adding more options and holding offers for Veganuary.

Mummy Meagz believes that Veganuary is for life, not just January. It’s never too late to make compassionate choices, and it has never been easier than right now.

Are you one of the awesome people who took the Veganuary pledge? Would you ever consider taking the pledge? Let us know your thoughts and experiences on Facebook and Instagram

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