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Rescue is the best breed

Dogs are mans best friend, right? But how do you go about finding a companion animal in the most ethical way?

Tip 14: Adopt don’t shop

First of all, take the time to really think about having a companion animal in your life. Do you have the time to spend with the animal that it requires? Do you have enough money to pay for food each week/month or for pet insurance? Are you able to give them an adequate amount of exercise and socialisation? If so, then adopting an animal is the way to go.

Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned, which leaves a great strain on animal charities and shelters as they can only take in and care for so many at a time. By adopting an animal you are helping give them a second chance at life and love, whilst freeing up a space for the shelters to accept another animal in need. Buying from a breeder only means those animals in shelters will be overlooked and never know what it means to be loved unconditionally or have a home.

Benefits to adopting an animal are:

  • To prevent unexpected pregnancies and the possibility of the babies ending up in shelters, all animals are neutered at no extra cost to you.
  • All animals are regularly health checked until adoption.
  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that you may be supporting puppy farms or those who breed animals irresponsibly purely for money.
  • Often animals live in foster homes until they are adopted, which allows the rescue centre to know their personalities, so you can choose which animal would fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially the animals abandoned through no fault of their own. Adopt, don’t shop and give an animal the love, shelter and stability they need.

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