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Rise in veganism leads to cult vegan creme eggs selling out nationwide

Mummy Meagz’ Chuckie Egg is 2020’s new vegan food craze, with one sold every 30 seconds

The Chuckie Egg, an indulgent creme egg crafted by Mummy Meagz, is proving to be the vegan food craze of 2020 as stores nationwide sell out of this unique sweet treat.

Sales information from the brand shows that a Chuckie Egg was sold at least every 30 seconds at Holland & Barrett stores in the UK since its launch in late January 2020, with most stores selling out entirely. As an Easter-themed product, sales have completely outstripped expectations this early in the year, with Mummy Meagz’ factory working overtime to keep up with demand. It is also thought that a record-breaking Veganuary helped to spur sales.

Each Chuckie Egg provides a taste of the creme eggs vegans, flexitarians, and those enjoying a dairy-free lifestyle, may have loved as a child. When the handcrafted Belgian chocolate shell is cracked open, it reveals a gooey centre, complete with a sweet golden ‘yolk’.

Meagan Boyle, co-founder of Mummy Meagz, says: “We’re delighted that the UK loves our Chuckie Eggs as much as we do, and that someone is enjoying one of our delicious creations every half a minute. With more than 600,000 people now following a plant-based diet in the UK, demand for products that give vegans what they really want will continue to grow. They also help to pique interest in veganism and cast aside a few outdated assumptions, especially that vegan food doesn’t taste good!”

Meagan continues: “Our kitchen team has been busy keeping up with demand, because I’m adamant that no one should miss out on the sweet things in life. This is exactly why I came up with the Chuckie Egg recipe: it’s free of nuts, dairy, gluten and animal products, meaning it can be enjoyed by almost anyone.”

Fortunately, the Chuckie Eggs are expected to be back in stock at Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and online from 13th March, with plans in place to increase production runs up until Easter. But sweet-toothed consumers are advised to be quick, as they’ll only be around while stocks last!

Despite this increasing demand and upscaled production, Mummy Meagz has kept her ethical values close to her heart.

Initially Meagan created the Chuckie Eggs to be sold on the counter of Blondes, the coffee shop in the East Riding of Yorkshire that she runs with her daughter, Willow Boyle – co-founder of Mummy Meagz. However, as the eggs began to sell out each day, the duo realised they needed to share their chocolate treats even more widely. A plan was hatched and the eggs were sold online. Again, supply outstripped demand, so in late 2019 a deal was struck with Holland & Barrett to stock the eggs nationwide and via their website. Each egg has a recommended retail price of 99p.

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