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Santa Paws came to town!

You’d better not bark,

You’d better not bite,

You’d better not scratch

The sofa tonight,

Santa Paws is comin’ to town!

You may have heard about the devastating fires in California recently, and the destruction it left behind. Well, Bertie – Mummy Meagz mascot – being a rescue doggy himself, wanted to help his fellow four legged friends in need. He made it is his mission to help raise some money for all the wild and domestic animals that have been injured and rescued from the horrific fires.

And that is when Bertie made his debut as Santa Paws. He got all dressed up in his fabulous Santa costume and trotted off down to Blondes Cruelty Free Eatery in Cottingham, with Mummy Meagz in tow. There he greeted all his four legged friends that have been good this year, shared a nice head scratch and gave them all a Christmas present, while his helper elf took pictures of him with all his friends.

It sure was a one of a kind experience for all involved, and a day filled with lots of laughter, belly rubs (for the dogs) and an end result of raising over £300 for the animals in need.

We wish all those effected by the fires, four legged or not, a very Merry Christmas!

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