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2019 – The year of the vegan!

6 months in and already we have seen the movement grow massively. Nearly every cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, dessert parlour or any other kind of eatery has at least one vegan option. Supermarkets and local independents are jumping onboard and upping their vegan game. I mean, even KFC’s launch of their Imposter Burger was unbelievable, they sold out after just 4 days, with sales 500% higher than a standard launch.

It’s genuinely so exciting to watch the movement grow and to be a part of something revolutionary.

We cannot, however, forget about the people at the forefront of the movement. The ones who have stuck by their ethics for years, who have to put up with people asking “don’t you serve normal milk” or even who refuse to sell to people who wear fur.

I’m talking about your local vegan businesses.

Photo credit:  Bright Zine
Photo credit: Bright Zine

The small vegan businesses are struggling to stay afloat, despite the rise in veganism because of the chains bringing out all these amazing products. Often chains offer a cheaper version of what the vegan businesses offer, because they can afford too and still make a profit.

Why should you support your local vegan business?

Veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet. When you support a vegan business you are also supporting the fact that they will use completely cruelty free cleaning and hygiene products in the workplace. It’s likely that all of the staff will have the same values and ethics as yourself and it’s a great place to make new vegan friends and connect with like minded people. They more often than not give donations to animal charities, and they make a conscious effort to make more environmentally friendly choices.

To us it’s a no brainer!

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