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The Boo Boo Egg has landed!

Mummy Meagz shocks vegan chocolate fans with green Halloween crème egg

Following the success of her plant-based crème egg, known as the ‘Chuckie Egg’, Mummy Meagz has a ghoulish surprise in store for vegan chocolate fans this Halloween. Exclusive to Holland & Barrett, the classic crème egg has been given an enchanting makeover, to become the ‘Boo Boo Egg’. Once the handcrafted Belgian chocolate shell is cracked open, instead of a golden yolk, it reveals a gooey green crème centre!

The Boo Boo Egg is set to stir up hair-raising excitement as a seasonal Halloween take on the Chuckie Egg – the vegan snacking craze of 2020, which sold out in stores around the country. When the Chuckie Egg launched in January, Holland & Barrett customers purchased one egg every 30 seconds, and Mummy Meagz’ chocolatiers worked overtime to respond to demand.

Perfect to enjoy straight from the wrapper, as part of a show-stopping Halloween chocolate brownie, or enjoying alongside a devilishly delicious green matcha latte, the Boo Boo Egg is free of nuts, dairy, gluten and animal products, meaning it can bring a smile – and perhaps even a cackle – to everyone’s faces. It contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Meagan Boyle, co-founder of Mummy Meagz, says: “Once chocolate lovers bite into our Boo Boo Egg and discover its frightfully green centre, they are sure to have a shock! But I’ve been stirring my chocolate cauldron, and while it might look mysterious, the potion for my green filling is sure to delight.

“I’ve known for a long time that dairy is scary, so by creating a range that’s free of animal products, this Halloween can be all about treats not tricks.”

As well as conjuring up Halloween connotations, the Boo Boo Egg was named after Meagan’s much-loved canine chum, Bertie (affectionately known as Bertie Boo Boo). Since his rescue from Romania, he has helped Mummy Meagz raise more than £10,000 for dog charities.

The Boo Boo Egg is the latest in a range of confectionary from Mummy Meagz. Meagan originally created her famous Rocky Roads and Chuckie Eggs so they could be sold on the counter of Blondes, the café she runs with business partner and daughter, Willow Boyle. However, as vegans and chocolate lovers alike flocked to the coffee shop, the pair realised they needed to make the products more accessible, and began to sell them online. Demand continued to outstrip supply, and a deal was struck with Holland & Barrett to sell her chocolatey products in stores nationwide and via its website. 

The Boo Boo Eggs will be in Holland & Barrett stores and online from 17 September until 11th November, or while stocks last, just in time for Halloween shoppers to sink their teeth into this limited-availability treat. Each has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £0.99, and weighs 40g.

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