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Get set for Mother's Day with Mummy Meagz

Vegan treats for Mother’s Day

From looking after us when we are ill, to making food like no-one else does, we owe so much to our mums. At Mummy Meagz, we know this better than most, with Meagan being the culinary creator behind our delicious vegan Rocky Road bars and Chuckie Eggs.

This is why, when Mothering Sunday rolls round again on 22nd March 2020, we know how important it is to find the right way to say thank you to these special women for all they do, whether it’s a biological parent, or simply a figure with maternal instincts. Every mum is different, but based on the gifts that Willow has shared with Meagan over the years, we believe there are three important things to consider when showing your mum you care:

Think about what makes her feel special

Simply saying ‘thank you’ and letting her know you appreciate the many things she has done – and continues to do – for you can go a long way. Traditional gifts, such as chocolate, flowers and spa treatments mean mums can enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Our pink, stripy packaging and pink and white marshmallows on our Original Rocky Road bars add a feminine touch to any gift (and coordinate well with most Mother’s Day bouquets!).

Treat her to something she wants, rather than needs

When Meagan and Willow set up their coffee shop, Blondes, and later went into business as Mummy Meagz, they knew they wanted to bring joy to people around the world through sweet treats. Undoubtedly, people need the necessities of life, but there’s nothing like watching the smile on someone’s face as they enjoy the things they really love. Avoid ‘practical’ gifts such as hoovers, kitchen equipment and even the more utilitarian of beauty products, and instead let your mum enjoy some of life’s little extravagances.

Spend time with your mum, not just money

The best gifts don’t have to be expensive, and your mum will know this, especially if she used to treasure your nursey school craft creations. Rather, with modern lives being so hectic, giving the gift of time to your mum can be just as valuable as buying something pricy. Taking time to sit down with her and catch up over a cup of tea and our indulgently gooey Rocky Road bars can be much more meaningful. To take your catch up to the next level, you could prepare a homemade afternoon tea. Cut our Rocky Road bars into two, to make squares, and place on a tea stand with cupcakes (or Chuckie Eggs!), cucumber sandwiches, and crackers topped with vegan cream cheese and capers. She’ll be touched to know you put the effort in.

With Mother’s Day coming up fast, it’s time to save the date and start thinking about how you can celebrate the person who cares for you the most. Whoever it is, we hope you have a day to remember, as we celebrate motherly love at Mummy Meagz too.

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