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VEGucate yourself – What to watch

Whether you are vegan, flexitarian or just straight-up meat eater, we can all agree that we love a good documentary, right?

Well grab your blanket and have your popcorn at the ready, because here are some of the most interesting and informative documentaries you will ever watch!

Tip 4: VEGucate yourself with these documentaries.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are leading the way with documentaries, including vegan ones. Cowspiracy (produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) is a must watch, as well as What the Health, both created and presented by the same guys who go on a journey to bring to you everything you need to know about the environmental and health impacts of the meat and dairy industry. You are learning alongside them, and it’s mind blowing.

For those of you who are able to handle the potential tear-jerkers, then Okja on Netflix is a film you may enjoy – it follows the story of a ‘super pig’ being raised for slaughter and a little girls journey to stop it. Blackfish is another documentary that may move you, following the heartbreaking story of Tilikum the Orca and his captive friends, whilst uncovering the horrors of Sea World.

And for those of you who really can handle just about anything thrown at you, then why not watch Land of Hope and Glory, and Dominion, both available on Youtube. Both of these documentaries go behind the scenes in slaughterhouses and give you an in-depth look at the truth behind the meat and dairy industry. They aren’t easy to watch, but by far the most impactful.

The Game Changers, which is available on iTune, Google Play and Vimeo, is the newest documentary from James Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and an abundance of other plant-based athletes. It brings you an indepth look at how switching to a plant-based diet is the most effective for you and the healthiest way to live.

Vegucated (Netflix), Long Gone Wild (Amazon) and The End of Meat (Amazon) are a few other must-watch documentaries.

Kids Corner 🧸

Hands up if you never clocked on to the vegan themes in a LOT of kids movies when you watched them first time around? 🤚🏼

Some are more in your face about it than others, but they are there. I can guarantee that each time you watch these movies, you always feel sympathy for the animals too, and despise the bad guys in the film, that are usually the fur industry, slaughterhouse workers, hunters, zookeepers, etc.

Disney is a big one for their animal rights messages!

  • Nemo – “Fish are friend’s, not food”.
  • Bambi – Reminding us of the true horrors of hunting.
  • Dumbo – Animals aren’t here for your entertainment.
  • 101 Dalmatians – Highlighting that no animal deserves to die for fur.
  • Lady and the Tramp – Adopt don’t shop! The shelters are over run.
  • Fox and the Hound – Don’t hunt and don’t support the hunt.
  • Pocahontas – Urging people to protect the land, and all that live within it.

But Disney aren’t the only ones bringing the vegan goods.

  • Babe and Charlottes Web – Both about pigs that find out about their fate.
  • Chicken Run
  • Bee Movie – It’s not your honey to take.
  • Happy Feet and Madagascar – Both highlight the damage from zoos and how the animals deserve to live their own lives wild and free.
  • Free Willy – Empty the tanks! And empty the tanks they did, Keiko (Willy) was freed shortly after the film was shot.

Compassion lives within us all, especially when we are young. It’s the conditioned society we live in that initiates the disconnect between animals and food/entertainment in our mind.

What’s your go to vegan movie/documentary?

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