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What vegans do on their day off

Have you ever wondered what vegans get up too on their days off? Well, apart from telling people we are vegan and shoving our opinions down your throats… kidding, we come together for the animals. We put in the graft and get covered in various animal poop in the process.

Photo by: Karl Mckellar

Last Sunday, Mummy Meagz and a group of friends, went over to Whitby to volunteer at CALF Sanctuary. The wonderful lady, Sharon, who runs CALF Sanctuary is a very close friend of Mummy Meagz, and she has over 100 recused animals in her care. All from various backgrounds, all living a life free from harm and they are staying clear of peoples plates as a result.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you come together. There were 30 of us in total, and the amount of work we got done was incredible! We painted fences, made doors to stop the draught for the piggies, laid some stone paving, cut down ivy, jet washed the concrete runways, re-bed the pigs and goats and much much more. Every little helps, so it’s one less job for Sharon to do whilst looking after these beautiful animals.

Being vegan is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s understandable, to be excited about vegan sausage rolls and not dogs in various chain restaurants. But thats just the tip of the iceberg, theres so much more too veganism than that.

To help a local sanctuary and to see these animals living a life free from exploitation is truly heart warming. It shows that change is happening, and the movement is growing.

Thank you for all you do for the animals, Sharon. Thank you for being selfless and for taking them in and caring for them. Thank you for giving them the life they deserve.

We are already counting down the days until the next volunteer day. It’s incredibly good for the soul to be away from the city and the nitty gritty of everyday life and remember our core values.

You can learn more about CALF Sanctuary here, and donate if you wish too.

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