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When Mummy Meagz met Earthling Ed

A few nights ago, Mummy Meagz and friends set off to the University of Lincoln to attend an Earthling Ed outreach event.

Arriving slightly early for the event, Mummy Meagz decided to visit the Starbucks directly across from the University, for a little pick me up – purely because they do delicious oat milk. Lo and behold, who should be in the queue but Earthling Ed himself? As a long time fan of Earthling Ed and the incredible work he does, Mummy Meagz was slightly overwhelmed but also incredibly happy to have the opportunity to meet him and speak to him in a relaxed environment before the event. She also took the opportunity to give Ed a Mummy Meagz tote bag filled with her rocky road bars, and of course get her picture taken with her hero.

After a lovely conversation and a coffee, it was time for the event. Which included a screening of his documentary Land of Hope and Glory (admittedly Mummy Meagz watched from behind her hands), followed by an incredibly inspiring speech and a Q&A to end with. If you have never seen Earthling Ed in action, you can find his videos on YouTube. He’s a well educated, eloquent speaker who presents his activism in a calm yet passionate manner.

The whole experience was very emotional in more ways than one, and its safe to say that everyone left the event feeling inspired and with a passion burning inside them.

The highlight for Mummy Meagz though, was when he sought her out in the lecture hall filled with hundreds of people, greeted her again and told her how much he enjoyed her rocky road. For her, that is the highest praise she could ever receive.

In the words of Mummy Meagz, it was one off the bucket list. Peter Egan she is gunning for you next!

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