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Woo Hoo No Moo!

Another month.. another campaign!

And we don’t know about you, but we are really loving the idea of Moo Free May, hosted by Viva!

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Moo Free May was launched to raise public awareness about the dairy industry and encourage consumers to switch to dairy-free alternatives, because their opinion poll shows that the vast majority of people are generally unaware of the traumas involved in the dairy industry.

Mummy Meagz has decided to make a stand and speak out about the negative effects of dairy! Here are her top 5 reasons to ditch dairy:

  1. Safe to say that the dairy industry is not cruelty free in any way shape or form. All dairy cows are separated from their young between 24-48 hours after birth. If born a boy he’ll likely be deemed as a useless by-product and killed, or if born a girl she’ll become a dairy cow and eventually replace her mother in the milking herd. Yep, even the ones that will go on to be labelled as organic and ‘free-range’.
  2. Dairy milk is linked to increased risks of cancer (specifically bowel, prostate and breast cancer), diabetes, heart disease, crohn’s disease and arthritis to name just a few.
  3. You ready for this one? I don’t think you are… By law up to 400 million pus cells are allowed in every litre of milk, as a result of mastitis, which is common in more than 30% of all British dairy cows at one time.
  4. You are not a baby cow. That’s right… Cow’s milk has evolved to help turn a small calf into a cow in less than a year. Not something any human needs help with.
  5. There are an abundance of plant milks; oat, coconut, soya, almond, hazelnut, hemp and rice to name just a few! Why limit yourself when you have so many more yummy options! And don’t get us started on dairy free cheese options!

Here at Mummy Meagz we are proud to be dairy free! Who’s with us?

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