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Your guide to eating out as a vegan

Eating out can be daunting for newbie vegans.

Where can I eat? What can I eat? Will the staff think I’m being awkward? Can I trust them to not put animal products in my food?

These are all thoughts that go through your mind before choosing a place to eat.

Tip 7: You can never go wrong with Happy Cow

2019 has been a huge year for veganism, so realistically you should be able to find at least one vegan option on any menu you see. A lot of restaurants even have an entirely vegan menu, but you may need to ask for it first.

Eating at an entirely vegan restaurant/cafe is your best bet, if possible. Just open your Happy Cow app, and it will show you fully vegan places in your area. If there isn’t one or you are going out to eat with people who don’t want to eat vegan food, then Happy Cow will show you all the restaurants in your area that have vegan options, and you can even read reviews from people who have already visited so you get a general idea of the options or the quality of the food.

If it’s Italian food you’re after, check out Pizza Hut, ASK, Zizzi and Pizza Express. For fast food, be sure to check out Frankie & Bennys, Leon and Handmade Burger Co. For Mexican food check out Chiquito. For Asian food, check out Itsu and Wagamamas. For pub grub then Weatherspoons and Toby Carvery have your back. Even Nandos has vegan options. Greggs and Subway have the best on the go options, with the menu growing all the time.

Asking for a vegan option doesn’t make you awkward, and it is certainly more acknowledged professionally nowadays, so please never feel uncomfortable. You will probably find that the chefs are more than happy to make you something from scratch if there are no options on the menu, and the staff will be more knowledgable about what vegan means so they can help you if you get stuck.

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