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Welcome to Mummy Meagz!

Mummy Meagz journey began in 2003 when, along with her daughter, she opened Blondes Coffee Shop in the village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. As a lifelong vegetarian, and now vegan Mummy Meagz provided delicious vegetarian and vegan food made with love, compassion and sprinkle of awesomeness.

Her recipies were breaking all the stigmas attached to vegan food, especially her Rocky Road. No nuts, no fruit. Just all the good stuff.

In January 2017 Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen was born.

Our Rocky Roads

Original Rocky Road

Sea Salt & Cinder Toffee Rocky Road

Get your fix!

We Love Our Customers
Just adding this to a long list of things Piers Morgan is wrong about. This bar was hella tasty!
@madsveganfoods Instagram
Honestly, I was raging when I ate it because there was none left. It's by far the best rocky road I've ever had! Instagram
Soooo yummy!!! I was supposed to save half for my husband but accidentally (on purpose) didn't.
@natasha_3637 Instagram
Bravo to Mummy Meagz for making the tastiest vegan rocky road bar out there! The sea salt and honeycomb combo inside is ridiculously good!
@vgneration Twitter
Your rocky roads are a favourite in our household!
@ellisgoodridge Instagram
I think I'm becoming addicted to your rocky road so I ordered more, they are heaven!
@jarmilamrkvova Instagram

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